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"I found immediate performance improvement. Went from an average of 15.5 mpg to 17.4... I realized that we had saved 15% on our fuel costs in the last 6 weeks."
- McCarthy

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The world's first digitally-controlled PCV valve system that reduces harmful emissions, improves performance, lowers maintenance costs and increases fuel mileage.


The DynoValve® emissions control system was designed to save the planet, one fleet at a time. It reduces the fleet's emissions of carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) by an average of 30-50%, nitrous of oxides (NOx) by typically over 90%, as well as other harmful pollutants like hydrocarbons. Whether your organization has "green" initiatives or if you just want to feel good about your role in being environmentally conscious, DynoValve® technology will help you reduce your fleet's carbon footprint significantly.


One of the most important goals of any fleet manager is reducing their operating costs and one of the most effective means of achieving that objective is by reducing fuel costs. The DynoValve® can typically reduce the fuel cost of a fleet by 15-20% or more. Depending on the annual mileage driven by each vehicle, the savings from reduced fuel consumption could be the equivalent to the cost of a new vehicle each year, or could pay for reoccurring vehicle costs like tires, brakes, and oil changes, or annual vehicle insurance premiums. For most fleets, the DynoValve® can pay for itself in 3-9 months and the savings just add up year over year thereafter.


More than ever before, organizations find it necessary to extend the service life of their vehicles due to increased financial pressures. Besides reducing operating costs by increasing fuel economy, the DynoValve® helps to improve the heath your fleet vehicles by reducing premature engine wear, thereby reducing long-term maintenance costs. Crankcase gasses are not only acidic, but also contains carbon which is abrasive. By optimizing the ventilation of crankcase gasses, the engine oil stays cleaner and provides better protection for your engines.

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