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Corporate News

SaviCorp® Introduces the DynoFlo HHO™: On-Demand Hydrogen Generation Technology for the Transportation Industry

SaviCorp® Technicians to Oversee Emissions Testing Protocols for DynoValve® Units in Beijing

Certified Testing of the DynoValve® Products Show Superior Benefits in Fuel Economy and Emission Reduction

SaviCorp® Reaches Purchase Agreement with South Korean Trading Company CNL Co., Ltd.

SaviCorp® Continues International Expansion Plans in Asian Markets

SaviCorp® Recruits New Vice President of Operations

SaviCorp® Product Family to Reap New Opportunities from Emission Reduction Treaty Between United States and China

SaviCorp® Signs Master Distribution Agreement with Beijing FlyingGlob Environmental Technology Limited Company

SaviCorp® Files Intent to do Business with Beijing FlyingGlob Environmental Technology Limited Company

SaviCorp® Pursues Exemplary Product Accreditations While Solidifying Prolific Partnership Opportunities

SaviCorp® Finalizes Installation Contract with Team TSI Inc

SaviCorp® Seeks to Offer Financing to Commercial Customers Interested in DynoValve® Installation

SaviCorp® Corporate Update and Review of 2013

SaviCorp® Seeks to Reduce Emissions and Petrol Consumption in Fleet and Daily-Use Vehicles

DynoValve® Receives Major Upgrade with the Introduction of new DynoCap™ Technology

SaviCorp® Successfully Completes Delivery of First 2,000 DynoValves(R) to Middle East Distributors

SaviCorp® Makes Dramatic Debut into Middle-East Auto Market with Emissions-Reducing DynoValve® Installations - Wednesday, July 10, 2013

SaviCorp® launches new DynoValve® Web site to showcase it's flagship product - Saturday, June 22, 2013

SaviCorp® Announces Major Exclusive International Distribution Agreement with DynoGreen Tech, LLC to Sell DynoValve® in India, Dubai and Other Foreign Countries - Thursday, May 23, 2013

SaviCorp® Chairman Serge Monros Featured in Page One Column of the OC Register - David Whiting, Wednesday, March 13, 2013

SaviCorp® Selected for "Top 100 Companies" - Tuesday, April 30, 2013