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DynoValve® Testimonials

Town of Stallings, North Carolina - "With the initial test on my 2010 Ford Crown Victoria vehicle I noticed an immediate increase in acceleration after it was installed..."

Pegasus Carriage, Long Beach, California - "Thank you DynoValve for saving me over #35,000!..."

Michael Lucero, via email - "I would like to tell you that I'm very happy with the increased fuel economy on my '93 Honda Civic..."

McCarthy, Newport Beach, California - "Here's what I found; immediate performance improvement, the car just ran smoother..."

Alex Stoeber, Sales Manager, Huntington Beach Ford, California - "Before accepting the DynoValve, I did some research through Ford Motor Company's warranty to ensure that the installation of the valve would not void any factory warranty..."

Congressman Matthew G. Martinez, 31st District, Alhambra, California - "I am very pleased with the performance of the EconoValve that you had installed in my personal automobile..."